Saturday, March 6, 2010

Obama To Meet With Schumer, Graham About Immigration Reform

My comment:

There is virtually no chance that Obama will be able to get the votes to pass any comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) legislation in 2010. Pelosi has stated that immigration reform must first be brought up in the Senate, and that the House will not take the lead for political reasons (i.e., Pelosi is shielding her vulnerable members from another controversial and polarizing vote). Immigration reform has no chance in the Senate because Harry Reid knows the issue is a campaign killer, and he is fighting for his political life by a very fine thread. Just ask John McCain.

Obama is fully cognizant of the fact that CIR died the moment he broke his campaign promise to address the issue in his first year in office. Now his political capital is spent, and he is merely giving lip-service to the issue to placate immigration reform activists and Latino voters who got him into office, and who he will need to garner reelection in 2012.

It is unfortunate because the real victims in the immigration reform debate are the United States citizens who are being separated from their parents, spouses, children as a result of draconian and archaic immigration laws that have stripped immigration judges of the discretion to decide who deserves to stay in this country.

Once again our President has dropped the ball.

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