Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Broken Promises of President Obama

Unfortunately, I'm with Senator Graham. President Obama's 'Unwavering' Commitment to immigration reform‬‪ 'Doesn't Pass the Smell Test'. Obama has done nothing to stand for comprehensive immigration reform since taking office but break his campaign promises.

Just as in 2008 when then Senator Obama killed the McCain-Kennedy immigration reform Bill, Obama is only talking about immigration reform for the photo-op, and to deflect some of the bad press from this Sunday's Immigration Reform March on Washington (3-21-10).

When campaigning Obama promised meaningful action on comprehensive immigration reform in his first year in office. He was then elected, and IMMEDIATELY turned his back to the Hispanic electorate by pushing immigration reform to 2010, an election year where it has virtually no chance of passage... broken promise.

In the interim he promised to stop the immigration raids, and instead has deported more people (1,000 per day in office) than Bush did in his last year in office... broken promise.

He then promised to support the DREAM Act, and help get it passed... broken promise.

The cruel reality is that Obama has only given lip-service to the issue of CIR, appearing at photo-ops to placate immigration activists and blaming the GOP for his complete and total inaction on the issue, while trying to spin his record of mass deportations.

I am sad to say that I am predicting that the Changemaker's first term will go down in history as a total failure to those of us in the immigration reform community.

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