Monday, March 29, 2010

Field Office Director Robin Baker targets, arrests, and intends to deport a 59-year-old woman because of a 20-year-old conviction

In the complete lack of humanity department our good friend Field Office Director (San Diego) Robin Baker is in the news again for targeting a 59-year-old Mexican woman for deportation as part of an "immigration crime sweep" in San Diego. The woman was targeted because of a single drug conviction that is over 20-years-old. Director Baker's rationale: she was "pursuing a life of crime rather than the American dream."

I'm not saying that breaking the law is excusable, but if you want to create a poster child for criminal deportation you may want to consider using someone who hasn't been leading a law abiding crime free existence in this country for over 20 years.

That being said, please explain to me how detaining and deporting a 59-year-old woman that paid her debt to society over 20 years ago, and who has a spotless record since in any way "underscores ICE's commitment to strategic, effective immigration enforcement that enhances public safety." ~Field Office Director (San Diego) Robin Baker

I can just imagine Director Robin wearing tights and a mask with Obama standing next to him in a Batman costume with a cartoon bubble caption over his head entitled:

"To the Bat Cave Robin! We need to deport more 59-year-old women!"

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