Thursday, April 29, 2010

President Obama: Congress May Not Have the Appetite for Immigration Reform This Year

Obama has been employing the blame and do nothing strategy since his election.

When running for office Obama’s message was clear: he would put a stop to the practices of the Bush presidency, and would effectuate real change by ending the destruction of families in this country, and would immediately work to pass the DREAM act. Suffice it to say, he lied to us.

Here are the facts: Obama deports an average of 1,000 people per day that he has been in office. He is on pace to deport nearly one-half of the undocumented community should he serve two terms in office. His record on deportation makes George Bush look like a humanitarian.

In addition his administration has been guilty of covering up the abuse of immigrant detainees, has created secret unmarked detention facilities, and moves immigrant detainees far from their lawyers and their support networks to frustrate their defense.

Moreover, since Obama has been elected I have NEVER in my 15 years of practicing immigration law seen more obstacles put in front of businessmen who are applying for visas to come to this country. This administration has made it increasingly difficult to obtain visas because of bureaucratic incompetence and potential business immigrants are now choosing to avoid the United States altogether, because the obstacles at times are insurmountable.

President Obama is dangerous to immigrants, and to the cause of comprehensive immigration reform.

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  1. Thanks Kolken for the post. There are very few on the net who have the brain and vision to see the ill effects of Obama's policy. I agree with your view. His policies are harming USA and may become a reason for another downturn in the economy.
    Once again thanks for putting those brave words..