Friday, April 16, 2010

"Largest-ever human smuggling bust" results in the arrest of 17 individuals that are undocumented.

In the wake of the passing of the Arizona anti-immigrant legislation, and never one to let a serious crisis go to waste, the Obama administration took advantage of the press distraction by conducting what they characterize as one of the government's "largest-ever human smuggling busts."

Federal agents arrested nearly 50 shuttle operators and alleged smugglers accused of using vans to transport thousands of undocumented immigrants from Mexico to Phoenix.

In stark contrast to the Government's characterization, it has been reported that this "largest-ever human smuggling bust" resulted in only 17 individuals arrested that had entered without inspection, or were undocumented.

The New York Times further reported that Alfonso Quintero, the owner of a nearby muffler repair shop, said that he never saw anything suspicious stating: “I didn’t see anything illegal” “Looked like they just wanted a ride.”

Here is the Government's spin:

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