Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When a "Publicity Stunt" Becomes "Astounding"

The National Immigrant Youth Alliance's infiltration of the El Paso detention center has resulted in both the discovery, and the Obama administration's confession that ICE locked up 13 pregnant women in immigration detention in Texas between August and November of 2013.  

Because of a lack of transparency there is no way of knowing how many pregnant women are currently being held in ICE custody nationwide despite the administration's policy against it.

There is another interesting and ironic twist to this story.  Remember David Leopold?  He is the guy that spent the better part of last summer calling the DREAM 9 protest a misguided publicity stunt.  This is the movement that is ultimately responsible for uncovering the very abuses now being reported.  Well, he has been quoted in another article about this most recent incident calling it "astounding" that so many pregnant women have been detained.

What is actually "astounding" is that Leopold is quoted in the article at all given his previous statements of record.  Recall last summer when Leopold notoriously, and incorrectly, questioned whether DREAMers were held in solitary confinement. Go to the 12:18 mark:

Apparently, when an immigration reform protest results in uncovering the detention of 13 pregnant women during a four month period in 2013 it loses its "publicity stunt" status.  

And I'm not the only one that sees the irony in it:

Others haven't been as amused by Leopold's antics:

I guess some people will say anything to secure their invitation to the White House Holiday Reception.

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