Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Obama Administration, Immigration, and Censorship of Dissenting Opinion

My colleague Bryan Johnson of Amoache & Johnson, PLLC wrote a blog yesterday that was critical of a decision of New York Chief Counsel Wen-Ting Cheng.  Mr. Johnson disseminated the blog post through his Facebook account.

Analytic statistics reveal that the blog post has been viewed by 33 IP addresses attributable to the  Department of Homeland Security.  According to Mr. Johnson, an IP address attributable to Facebook also viewed his website yesterday, with one visit occurring a mere 2 minutes after a visit from an IP address located at DHS Headquarters.

Shortly thereafter, Facebook censored the link to the blog post by invoking a security warning that Mr. Johnson's website has been classified as abusive, proactively blocking any link to the blog.  Now it appears that Mr. Johnson's entire firm website has been similarly blocked by Facebook.

Next stop, IRS audit.

Big Brother is watching.

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