Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DREAMActivits.org: Obama Campaign Still Lying About Trying to Deport You

I just read a post on DREAMActivist.org that pretty much sums up what the Obama administration is doing with its immigration policy as it relates to their re-election strategy.  Flavia said it perfectly, so I'll just quote her for you:
It’s getting old. And maybe folks are tired of hearing the same thing, over and over, but it’s true- the Obama administration is not telling the truth about its deportation policy. It is a lie.  Perhaps the infrastructure is larger than we understand, and decisions being made in D.C. can’t manage to find their way to places like Mobile, but whose responsibility is it to make sure that it happens? Certainly not ours.
What is worse is the Obama campaign’s clear and blatant manipulation of this issue to build their email lists. It might be okay if they were actually trying to do something to help immigrant communities, but all we have seen are toothless policy memos and lawsuits that pass the buck.
At this rate, we simply can’t blame anybody who decides to place their bets with Newt Gingrich or Rick Perry, who have both alluded to their support for the DREAM Act, or simply referred to those who would “deport them all” (as Obama is currently doing) as heartless. Maybe that’s shameless politicking- but at this point, what’s the difference?
Click here for some more truth.

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