Friday, October 28, 2011

Waiver Approved for 5 Years

Ten years ago our Canadian citizen client misrepresented his reason for wanting to enter the United States.  This misrepresentation was discovered by immigration officials, and he was summarily removed at the border via an expedited removal order. A willful misrepresentation of a material fact is a lifetime bar from the United States, and as such our client is permanently inadmissible to the country. Thereafter, we were retained.

We applied for a nonimmigrant waiver of inadmissibility for him so that he could enter the United States for business and pleasure as a nonimmigrant. We showed that he accepted responsibility for his actions and that he was completely rehabilitated. We submitted a legal brief on his behalf. The waiver was approved for a period of two years for multiple entries.

This year we reapplied for him, and his waiver was approved for five years, which is the longest period of time a nonimmigrant waiver of inadmissibility may be approved for under the regulations.

Although our client has permission to come to the United States, he must still establish that he is coming for legal purposes, and he must continue to renew his waiver for the rest of his life.

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