Friday, September 30, 2011

DREAMer Nadia Habib and her mother granted a "temporary reprieve"

Once again the Obama administration has been shamed into doing the right thing, granting DREAMer Nadia Habib and her mother a "temporary reprieve" from deportation.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has been doing her part to force the administration to actually administer the prosecutorial discretion memorandum that has been largely ignored since its release.  You have my vote Senator.

As I predicted, the Obama administration has only been favorably exercising prosecutorial discretion on a handful of high profile cases in order to avoid the embarrassment of the negative publicity.  The President is transparently attempting to woo back the Hispanic electorate who are inflamed with his complete failure to meaningfully address comprehensive immigration reform, while assigning blame to the Republicans for his own inaction.  Obama's failures, coupled with the adoption of an aggressive deportation policy, has resulted in more immigrants being deported than at any other time in history.

We aren't buying it Mr. President.  You had a super majority for the bulk of your presidency.  Stop blaming others, when the reality is that you turned your back on immigration reform the moment you unpacked your bags in the White House.  You have utterly failed us.

Thank you all for taking action.  Because of your efforts Nadia is still here celebrating her 20th birthday. 

Happy birthday Nadia!

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