Thursday, October 7, 2010

Obama Administration Deports more Immigrants in year two than in year one.

The Washington Post has reported that the Obama Administration has deported 392,000 immigrants during the fiscal year that ended on September 30th. This exceeds the 389,834 immigrants deported by the Obama Administration in the previous fiscal year.

Despite falling 8,000 immigrants short of their 400,000 deportation goal, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano touted their "achievement" by stating: "It has been another record-breaking year at ICE."

These statistics, coupled with the Obama Administration's complete failure to meaningfully address comprehensive immigration reform, are a bitter pill to swallow for immigration reform activists.

With the mid-term elections just weeks away, and projected flat Hispanic voter turn-out, it appears that there may be no chance for immigration reform in Obama's first term in office, especially if the Democrats lose the House.

Disappointing doesn't begin to describe it.

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