Friday, May 21, 2010

Study: Under Obama 50% of all Federal Prosecutions are for Minor Immigration Violations

Study: Under Obama 50% of all Federal Prosecutions are for Minor Immigration Violations

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse on the immigration front, it got worse.

The American Immigration Council, Immigration Policy Center (IPC) has just issued a press release that shines a bright spotlight on what the Obama administration is doing to non-violent immigration violators in the United States.

A January 2010 study done by the Warren Institute, and a second study done by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) examine the impact of Operation Streamline, which targets nonviolent border-crossers for federal criminal prosecution. These studies reveal that in President Obama's first year in office he has prosecuted more non-violent immigration related crimes than any President in the history of our country.

According to the data, under Obama 50% of all federal criminal prosecutions are for immigration violations, many of which involve illegal entry, while prosecution of violent crime has actually decreased. The end result is that under Obama's watch billions of dollars have been allocated towards targeting non-violent immigration violators for criminal prosecution. Is this how you want your tax dollar spent?

The bottom line is this: President Obama's position on immigration is right in line with what is going on in the State of Arizona, and he is a hypocrite when he chastises Arizona lawmakers for doing THE EXACT SAME THING that he has been doing since taking office: targeting immigrants.

So Mr. President, when do you plan on prosecuting the real criminals who have actually engaged in serious crimes involving drugs, weapons, and organized crime? The answer must be only after you have finished destroying millions of American families with your 1,000 deportation per day mandate.

We are on to you Mr. President, and in 2012 we won't be fooled again.

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