Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama on Immigration Reform in 2010


  1. I myself is very disapointed about Mr Obama behavior towards this fail immigration system, there are too many children suffering, because of this fail system, children that was only 10 and 11 years old when a family member petitioned for their parents and they were beneficary, now after waiting in line for so many years along with their parents are noww being told that they age out, and cannot be converted to the approate category and retain their old priority date this is unfair and Mr obama need to do something about this.

  2. Does the Govt. even consider those guys who came with a valid visa and applied for permenant residency and waiting for years and years ?

  3. I couldn't understand, why the USCIS has complicated the immigration process way too much.

    Those guys, like me, who've applied for the green card four years back with the priority date of Jan-2001 are STILLLLLLLLLLLL waiting to hear from them, while guys who came day before yesterday could get the green card yesterday.

    To me, it is a clear discrimination in terms of the category and the geography, each applicant's application is filed by the employer.

    Why can't the USCIS charge a flat fee (even if it's double or even triple of what they charge for each and every application, guys won't mind) and issue the green card unanimously to every qualified (by qualified, I mean, those cases who have passed the background security check and all the other relevant checks) applicant ?

    At a first look, this may look like posing a risk to the locals, but I know, many guys are waiting for the green card to take the next decision in their life, such as buying a house, opening up a new business etc. I'm sure, this'll help the economy a big way.

    Look at the various visas such as H1, L1, B1 ..... and different categories under each and the priority date attached with each.

    I don't see one single valid reason behind this much of complication. I couldn't understand what USCIS is going to achieve by doing this.

    I strongly recommend USCIS that they can consider this, making it mutually beneficial.


    NB : Btw, is there any way that I can contact the President's office and forward this suggestion to them ?

    Because, whenever there's a talk about immigration reforms in the media/govt., no one is talking about us - the tax paying visa holders, waiting in line for years to get the green card. They're ONLY talking about legalizing those who entered this country illegally. I wonder if they even consider this section of the visa holders who want to get their GC.