Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama loses immigration allies

President Obama campaigned on the promise of addressing our failed immigration laws. Since his election he has done nothing but extend past Bush administration enforcement policies, betraying those individuals who detrimentally relied on his promise of implementing meaningful comprehensive immigration reform. His allies are losing patience.

"Three years after President Obama marched alongside Hispanic and immigrant rights activists, they took to the streets Wednesday to march against him, saying he has betrayed them by embracing George W. Bush administration efforts to stem illegal immigration.

Activists marched in Los Angeles and picketed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's appearance in New York, angered over the administration's recent embrace of an electronic verification system for employers and a program that allows local police to enforce immigration laws.

The protests highlight the tough political spot Mr. Obama faces: He enjoyed strong support from Hispanics in last year's election, but activists say he's now risking their support in the future. " -Obama loses immigration allies - Washington Times

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