Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama Administration Increasing Deportation Agents by 25%

It has been reported that the Obama administration is increasing the number of deportation agents by a staggering 25% in furtherance of the aggressive goal to deport as many people as humanly possible before the end of President Obama's first term in office.  

Obama already holds the all-time deportation record for a sitting President, but like Barry Bonds, the Deportation King is going to put the record so far out of reach that historians will be forced to impose an asterisk.

ICE's hiring efforts began on May 14 with the established goal of increasing the number of "fugitive operations teams" from 104 to 129. The plan is for each team to arrest 50 "criminal aliens" per month.  

It should be noted that the Obama administration's definition of "criminal aliens" includes asylum seekers who used fraudulent documentation to escape their country of persecution, and other individuals with no criminal records.

This latest move is clearly in response to what are now confirmed reports that the Obama administration fabricated claims that they have been targeting more "criminal" aliens for deportation.  

There was no press release about the recent hiring increases as President Obama is in full-fledged campaign mode mocking Romney's "self-deportation" immigration policy, and making more soon to be broken promises to meaningfully address comprehensive immigration reform in his second term.

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